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In Praise of Passionate People - Chia Basinger

Chia Basinger, co-owner of Denver's landmark ice cream parlor Sweet Action Ice Cream, which serves up unique, oddball and downright heavenly ice cream treats, shares his favorite sorbet, impulsive inspiration and love of his craft. PRiMO: Why ice cream? CB: Because ice cream is the best! There are few things that make people as happy as ice cream does, and we like being in the business of making people happy...

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In Praise of Passionate People - Dayna Sternberg

Dayna Sternberg, Certified Cheese Professional (CCP) and Cheese Monger, shares her musings on this delicious subject: Mmmmmm... CHEESE! PRiMO: So, how long have you dabbled in the world of cheese ? DS: I began working in the Specialty cheese department in Whole Foods 9 years ago. I found it to be a very emotional food for people, it invokes strong responses in a lot of...

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